What is Paper street books and comics?

Paper Street Books and Comic is a bi-monthly graphic novel and book subscription service (with some additional surprise goodies) that all fit within a theme. We hand select the best, newly release (within 1-2 months) novels in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genre to ensure you the best reading adventure you ever experience!

How is Paper Street different than other box subscription services?

Paper Street sets itself apart by having a true passion for all of the books and graphic novels we select. Paper Street isn’t a soulless computer algorithm that selects for you. We spend countless of times reading ARCS and go on an Internet quest to find the best goodies to include in the box!

How does it work?

You select one of our plans which is Book Warrior, Book Addict, and Comic Addict. Next, you will choose the frequency which will be either bimonthly or a 6 month prepaid (3 boxes total). Finally, the boxes will be shipped out in a specific schedule and once you receive your box, geek out and read!

What goes into the box?

Each box is paired with a newly release adult fiction and/or graphic novel along with 1-3 items that will help enchance your reading or just make you geek out in general! These items can be little to high quality items such as bookmarks, notebooks, Funkos, a wearable, and everything in between.

What publishers do you work with?

We work with many publishers such as Penguin House, Harper Collins, Dark Horse, Image, and even occasional self published!

This graphic novel is volume 6! Why would you send us a book that is far into the story?

Sometimes, we may send you a book or graphic novel that is far into a series. This is because we only send out great books that can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. It may help that you read the origin stories but the comics are still wonderful to read on their own.

Can I purchase a box as a gift?

Yes! We have a gift option that you can select! Don't forget to include a gift message since we like to include gift notes in the box!

I'm not feeling the theme for this box, can I skip?

Of course! You can edit subscription settings by logging into your account and selecting “Skip Next Renewal". Just make sure you skip the renewal before the first of the re-billing month!

What is your return and refund policy?

Since every box is carefully crafted, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds after the box has shipped.

Who can I contact to collaborate with Paper Street?

We love working with all types of businesses! You can contact us at Milkandjellyco@gmail.com for more information!

Billing and Shipping

When does payment renew?

Payments are renewed every other month from your subscription sign up. For example, if you subscribed on January 22nd, your next renewal will be on March 22nd. For those who signed up in 2016, billing will take place of the 1st of the shipping month.

When do you ship?

We ship between the 15th-20th of the shipping schedule. For the schedule, click here .

How much is shipping in the US?

Shipping is $6.95 for domestic subscribers and it is shipped from Chicago. We use Priority mailing so boxes often arrive between 1-4 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! It is $19.95 to ship to Canada and $24.95 to ship in UK and surrounding countries. We only ship First Class for internationals and it can take between 7-21+ days to arrive. Please be aware that shipping does not include Customs/VAT fees and we are not in control once the boxes have been shipped.

Is your question not listed up here? Contact us at Milkandjellyco@gmail.com