About us

Paper Street Books is the brainchild of Jennifer and Marty, two Chicago natives who share a passion for badass books and comics. For many years, they dreamed of opening a business that would showcase their love of offbeat literature. Since opening a brick-and-mortar store would be such a costly endeavor, Jennifer and Marty decided to open an e-commerce platform called Sci-Squad. Sci-Squad was a monthly graphic novel subscription services that gave subscribers geeky goodies along with a featured monthly comic book.

The idea of Sci-Squad was to broaden customers’ horizons and offer them more indie publications besides the standard Marvel/DC universes. Jennifer and Marty realized that they needed to offer their subscribers more genres. Even though Sci-Squad was based on Sci-Fi and Fantasy graphic novels, they wanted to offer a variety of reading material.

So, like any good business owners, Jennifer and Marty decided it was time to re-brand the business and Paper St. Books was born! Paper Street offers adult fiction and graphic novels in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and everything in-between genres. The boxes even come with extra surprises chosen by Marty and Jennifer. There’s something for everyone at Paper Street and Jennifer and Marty are committed to diversifying the business even more as it grows.